Predictive Lap Timer DLT3-GPS

Predictive Lap Timer DLT3-GPS


GPS-based Predictive Lap Timer with programmable shift lights, speed and time-delta display

Complete system with timer, GPS-receiver and 2m power/rpm cable

240 lap memory (last 240 laps plus fastest lap stored in memory)
32 track memory (start/finish line information for up to 32 tracks stored in memory)
10Hz High-performance GPS receiver
Bright LED display that is easy to read (.3" high display digits)
5-step programmable shift lights (4 LEDs + all blinking)
Instant (single button push) fastest lap recall
High RPM recall
Buttons for scrolling up or down in lap memory
12V power input
Isolated rpm input circuit that connects directly to ECU
Simple set-up without need for lap-top computer
Digital speedometer
Digital tachometer

Timer dimensions: 2" x 5.5" x .8"
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