Stilo ST5 GT Zero 8860 Helmet (SA2015)

Stilo ST5 GT Zero 8860 Helmet (SA2015)


The Stilo ZERO helmets are the lightest 8860 helmets available anywhere in the world, thanks to the new shell made from a specific quality of Carbon. These helmets are homologated to FIA 8860-2010 (and Snell 2015) certification which satisfies almost all racing sanctioning bodies’ requirements for helmet certifications.

The ST5 GT is designed to satisfy those closed cockpit drivers who yearn for a larger eyeport. The cutout for the eyeport is taller than the standard Formula version and has a special visor to accommodate the larger opening.

Available with integrated Electronics, Air Supply and Hydration or any combination of the three, this helmet offers flexibility while maintaining a clean cabin. There are no wires or hoses hanging down below the helmet – everything integrates seamlessly with the shell of the helmet.

Features an M6 nut integrated into the shell for interfacing with Head and Neck Restraints.

Please see the Specifications to learn what all is included with this helmet. Also, please note that the helmet is pictured with the optional Peak Visor.

After placing your order, please give us a call so we can set up this helmet exactly the way you want. Some of these options can be installed in multiple locations.

Please note, the Zero helmets are special order due to the extremely custom nature.

Available Options:


Electronics Side:

Hans Posts:

Hydration System:

Integrated Eject:


Ventilation System:

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