AiM MyChron 5 2T


The MyChron5 2T Kart Dash is a compact yet powerful unit that combines a tach, lap timer, and dual temperature gauges in a single data acquisition system. The versatile, easy-to-read graphical display can be customized to show the data you want. Even the backlight color and LED indicator colors can be changed. Includes dash with integrated GPS receiver, battery with AC charger, RPM pickup, Y-type sensor cable, Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) thermocouple, and your choice of either a Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) thermocouple or a water temperature (H20) thermocouple.

The MyChron5 is fully compatible with MyChron4 peripherals such as the MyChron Expansion (Part No. MC-022, sold separately) that adds 4 more analog channels (or 3 analog plus 1 wheel speed). The MyChron5 can also connect to a Lambda controller or Smarty Cam (each sold separately) via the CAN expansion port. A single mounting stud on the back of the dash is designed for easy installation on just about any standard racing kart steering wheel with a top center spoke.

Other features of the MyChron5 2T Kart Dash include:
  • Automatic Start
  • 1 MB memory for over 3 hours of data logging
  • 2 Temperature channels (includes two thermocouples)
  • Seven fully-configurable LEDs (alarm, shift, or other indicator)
  • LCD screen with configurable color
  • Wireless data download via secure Wi-Fi connection
  • Intuitive menu design for easy configuration
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours

    The internal GPS module triggers the lap timing function and also does full track mapping, showing the actual line you drove on (or off) the track.
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