Schroth Porsche GT3 Belts


  • Standard 3" Shoulders or Hans Specific Shoulders
  • 2" Lap Belts
  • Available in Black, Blue, Red, and Silver

    Porsche GT3 Cup Cars come with Schroth belts direct from the factory. If you need to replace them because of an accident, or if you’re putting the factory GT3 seat setup into another car, you’ll want these belts.

    They are specific because of the lap belt attachment. They have a sewn-in bracket that fits perfectly on the factory mount. Standard belts require additional fabrication and a spacer to make them work. These are a bolt-in replacement – much easier. The sub-straps have no adjusters to fit correctly in the vehicle, and the shoulder belts are shorter to reach the works cages with minimal excess.

    They are available with Standard 3??? shoulders or HANS specific 2???/3??? in Red, Black, Blue, and Silver(3" Shoulders Only). Available with Pull-Down lap belts only.
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