Brey-Krause B-Pillar and Truss Support System for Porsche 911

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Brey-Krause’s B-Pillar Brace System adds support to the structural integrity of ’74-’88 Porsche 911 Coupes. Through innovative engineering, this unit adds structural support and body rigidity to counteract stresses incurred on the track. The discreet design allows drivers to leave the unit in the car when driving on the street.

The product was designed to work in conjunction with another piece of track-ready equipment offered by Brey-Krause, the Harness Mount Truss. This item allows drivers to mount their harnesses directly to the bar. The B-Pillar Brace must be installed with the Harness Mount Truss in order to maximize its strengthening capabilities. The B-Pillar Brace will work with Harness Mount Trusses already installed in the field.

The B-Pillar Brace System is composed of the following components:

B-Pillar Brackets - Part R-1960

Rear Body Braces - Part R-1955 (for 911 Coupes ’74 – ‘88)

B-Pillar Vertical Supports - Part R-1990

Upper Cross Brace - Part R-1940

Harness Mount Truss - Part R-1025

Material: 6061 aluminum vertical supports - Stainless steel brackets and cross support

Finish: Clear anodized aluminum, black powder-coated mounting brackets

Weight: See individual component pages (links above)

Models: 911 Coupes ’74 – ‘88 and 911 Coupes ’89 – ‘98, differentiated by the Rear Body Brace

Installation: Attaches to b-pillar and outboard rear seat belt factory mounting points

Miscellaneous: Must first install R-1025 Harness Mount Truss

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