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The "Sentinel" Streaming System from Candelaria Racing Products is a COMPLETE motorsport-focused live streaming system that provides everything you need to stream your on-track adventures. From sprint racing to endurance racing, track days, and everything in between, the Sentinel provides a live stream to YouTube or any other RTMP or HLS endpoint.

There are other live stream systems on the market, from as basic as a go-pro working off a hotspot in the car, to $7000 multi vendor system. But Sentinel is the *first* affordable system to provide you with everything you need in an easy to setup and use package.

Sentinel is also the first and only system to pull live updates from RaceHero and allow you to update settings and overlays via the cloud to keep your audience (and your crew) aware of your position and progress on track in real time.

Have you ever seen a horrible quality live stream and wondered why they even bothered? Usually its not the teams fault, the network connectivity at racetracks can be pretty awful. Sentinel combats this problem in two ways, an external high-gain antenna coupled with an advanced H264 encoder allows for watchable streams with bit rates as low as 500 kilobit/s.

Racing is all about situational awareness on track, and your livestream should try and give your viewers the same perspective you have in the car, this is why Sentinel supports up to 3 cameras with Picture in Picture to keep an eye on all the action!

See below for more technical specs and place your order TODAY!

Sentinel provides:
  • Multiple cameras w/ PIP (up to 3) - standard system includes 2 (regular and wide angle)
  • RaceHero data integration showing lap times, current position, last pitstop, etc
  • Custom branding overlay (transparent PNG)
  • Cloud control allowing configuration changes while broadcasting (ex: moving PIP window, updating branding, moving data overlay, changing bitrate, stopping/starting, etc)
  • Automatic bitrate adjustment (No more GUESSING and reconfiguring!)
  • High quality power supply to avoid dropout during engine cranking
  • RTMP-H264 streaming to any RTMP endpoint
  • HLS-H264/H265 streaming to Youtube
  • Local recording to USB stick
  • LTE modem & antenna - supports connection to in-car WiFi and hardwired routers as well
  • OTA firmware updates (with ability to unlock future functionality)
  • Automatic reconnection in case of power loss
  • Automatic GPS Start/Stop
  • Integrated microphone

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