Wine Country Motor Sports is Your Hans Recertification Dealer

Because the SFI Foundation has put in place a recertification requirement for Head and Neck Restraints, we want to answer as many questions as possible about how this regulation works. Wine Country Motor Sports has been specially appointed as a HANS Factory Representative for this SFI Hans Recertification Program.

SFI 38.1 Head and Neck Restraints must be recertified every five years to maintain SFI certification. For example, if your device was certified in January, 2010 or earlier, it will require recertification by February 1, 2015. New tethers and a complete inspection procedure will result in a new SFI 38.1 conformance sticker marked with the inspection date that will remain valid for five years. Please see below for instructions for recertification.

How Do You Get Started?

Call your closest Wine Country Motor Sports Store:
Sonoma, CA - 800-708-7223
Jupiter, FL - 866-320-3278
Englewood, CO - 800-251-8917
Sebring, FL - 863-655-7777

You'll then ship or drop off your Hans Device to us for recertification.