AiM GS Dash

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AiM data loggers such as the AiM EVO4S Data Logger and the AiM EVO5 Data Logger require a separate dash to display data. The GS-Dash is designed just to be used as an in-car dash display driven by an AiM EVO4S or EVO5 data logger (sold separately). The GS-Dash has no data gathering or logging functions. It can only display what is measured by your AiM EVO4S or EVO5 data logger.

The GS-Dash uses CAN connectivity to display information from the data logger. The LCD display window can be programmed with up to 8 different screens, each configurable with up to 4 channels per page. You can scroll through the pages at any time. For example, you can program one page with just RPM and lap time. Temperature and oil pressure can be on a different page to minimize distractions.

Five independently-programmable LED shift lights and four LED alarm lights can each be set up to illuminate in any of seven different colors. You can use red for low oil pressure, blue for high coolant temperature, yellow for high oil temperature, and white for low fuel pressure -- or any other combination that makes alarm identification easy for you.

The waterproof aluminum housing measures just 5.1" x 3.2" (small enough to fit on any steering wheel).

Note 1: The GS-Dash is a display only. It has no functions or memory of its own and no provision for connecting any sensors. It will not function unless it is connected to an AiM EVO4S or EVO5 data logger.

Note 2: The GS-Dash is only compatible with the newest AiM EVO4S and EVO5 data loggers. It will not work with the EVO3, EVO4, or any older EVO series loggers.

Most installations will also require the addition of the AiM 4-Port CAN Data Hub (Part No. MC-329, sold separately) to allow the connection of any other CAN peripheral (GPS, SmartyCam, Lambda, etc).

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