AiM SW4 Steering Wheel 320mm

Brand: AIM Sports
SKU: SKU-3078-01
Product Type: Vehicle
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SW4 is one of the most versatile steering wheels in the market, compatible with a long list of ECU protocols, to meet any driver’s need.

Freely configurable pages

The high contrast TFT display offers a wide range of possible graphic data layouts,
showing the driver all the information he needs in real-time.

Individually configurable pushbuttons

8 completely configurable buttons and 2 additional free contact normally open buttons.

Rotary switches

SW4 has 3 completely configurable rotary switches.

One by one configurable LEDs

Shift lights can be configured for each gear, choosing LED color and RPM threshold values which will turn it on/off. The 4 Alarms LEDs are configurable too.

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