AiM Water/Oil Temperature Sensor

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AiM Water/Oil Temperature Sensor

The AiM temperature sensor is suitable for reading water and oil temperatures.

Key Features :

- Suitable for water/oil temperature

- 4 pins 719 male binder

The AiM oil/water (coolant) temperature sensor is fitted with a male four pins black 719 binder plug connections to suit all AIM loggers and dash display/loggers. Failure to operate engine or gearbox oil within the correct temperature range can reduce efficiency, reduce power transmitted to your wheels and drastically reduce longevity.

The Thermo resistor must put in the cooling system/oil sump.
It is recommended to install the sensor from heat and electromagnetic interference sources (like RPM cable or lap receiver cables).

The sensor ends with four pins male 719 Binder connector that features a 2k? 1% resistor between pins 1 and 4.

Temperature range of 0 - 150 Degrees C
Sensor cable length 25cm


MXS / MXP / MXG / MXL (Strada and Pista) / MXL2 / EVO5 / MXm etc harnesses are fitted with 719 connections. To extend the length between your dash display/logger and the analogue sensor, please use the 719 - 719 patch lead, which is available in various lengths from 0.5 - 3 metres. For most installations, you will need one of these leads.

EVO4 / EVO4S logger / Channel Expansion are fitted with 712 connections and require a 712 - 719 patch lead to connect these sensors.

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