Asetek La Prima™ Sim Racing Pedals Brake & Throttle

Brand: Asetek
Product Type: SIM Racing
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Inspired by real-life racing, the La Prima™ Sim Racing Pedal set has been thoroughly tested by racers and sim racers alike. With that feedback in mind, the pedals were engineered and designed to give you a realistic brake experience without breaking the bank.

“Probably the best pedals, that I’ve ever tested at this price point, in terms of that overall build quality and materials” -Will Ford, Boosted Media

While La Prima™ is our entry-level series, make no mistake! Unlike many other flimsy entry-level pedals on the market, we have not compromised on quality, materials, design, or adjustability, as these are identical to its mid- and high-end siblings Forte® and Invicta™, With Invicta™ arguably being the best sim racing pedals ever built.

Instead of compromising on quality, performance or reliability, we have taken a differente route. Rather, we have chosen to make it an upgradeable pedal set. This means, that you can upgrade to the full Forte® experience by upgrading the LED and Throttle adjustment system. You can also upgrade the M.L.C.P.C.™ brake cylinder to a T.H.O.R.P.™ hydraulic brake cylinder.

If you want the feeling of real racing and quality materials without breaking the bank, the La Prima™ pedal set is for you! Using The M.L.C.P.C.™ brake pedal technology, the brake pedal on the La Prima™ pedal set can be adjusted from soft to hard (by changing elastomers), and it will stay that way – unlike many other sim racing pedals on the market, where the hardness and feel will degrade over time.

When buying an Asetek SimSports ® pedal set, you buy into a platform, making it simple and easy to upgrade to Forte ® or Invicta™ at a later point! You simply buy your desired upgrade kit, and all you pay for is the upgrade itself. As such, your purchase of the La Prima™ pedal set will be future-proof. Better for you – better for the environment.

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