Braille Battery AGM B3121

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At under 22 pounds, the B3121 is our lightest do eveything battery yet. Using our Advanced AGM racing technology we have put a lot of power into a very small package. With 1380 pulse cranking amps this has enough power to start more than any other battery in its weight class. This is the perfect model for those who want to shave half the weight of a stanard Group 34 battery and still have enough power to crank over a V8 engine. Used in everything from large Harley Davidsons to Corvettes & Vipers. (Note: while high in cranking amps, make sure battery has enough capacity for the vehicle intended to be used in)

Physical Specifications
  • Weight: 21lbs / 9.5kg
  • Length: 6.6" / 168mm
  • Width: 5.2" / 132mm
  • Height: 6.3" / 173mm
  • Polarity: Right Side Positive

  • Voltage: 12
  • Full Charge Voltage: 13.2
  • Pulse Cranking Amps (PCA): 1380
  • Amp Hour (AH): 31
  • Reserve Capacity (RC): 75 mins
  • Life Cycle @ 10% DOD: 3100

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