Cobra Seat Sliders

Brand: Cobra
Product Type: Brands
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Cobra Seat Sliders are designed to fit directly to Cobra Seats and allow sliding movement forward and backward.

Sliders will fit bottom-mounted bucket seats and reclining sports seats directly. Side-mounted seats will require Side Plates, or Seat Brackets to attach these sliders. These Cobra Sliders not car-specific, and we recommend that they be fitted professionally.

Cobra sliders feature double-locking technology with single-handed operation. Additional features include:

  • Durable construction finished in gloss black
  • The most common kit (C SUBFR07EL) comes with a standard-width handle. A narrow handle can be purchased individually.  The Standard Handle is compatible with fixed back seats.
  • The C SUBFR08EL kit includes sliders and both the standard and narrow handles.

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