GMG Porsche Seat Base

Brand: GMG
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Product Type: Vehicle
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The GMG Racing Seat Bases utilize the factory seat mounting provisions on your vehicle's floor and provide a low-profile, flat surface, for mounting your aftermarket racing seat. These bases are compatible with the majority of FIA and SFI-approved seat manufacturers. With limited space in the driver and passenger compartment, fitting aftermarket seats can be a difficult task due to the center console and protruding door panel. The range in which seats can be lowered has been greatly improved by eliminating the need for an eye-bolt and clasp for the submarine straps.

Each seat base kit is sold individually for one seat. The kit includes the base, sliders, associated hardware, and seat mounting brackets.

Technical Features:

  • CNC cut and stamped out of a single 3/8” steel plate to maximize strength while minimizing weight.
  • Powdercoated wrinkle black (base), and Satin Black (mounting brackets).
  • Integrated sub-strap bar negates the need for an additional strap mounting plate.
  • Plate offers provision for factory seat belt receptacle.
  • Multiple rail mounting holes allow for lateral seat adjustment and a wide number of seat widths.
  • Bolt on plate feature prevents binding of sliders throughout life of the kit.
  • Truly a bolt-in solution. The base requires no modification to the chassis.

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