RaceSense Pocket Tire Gauge

Vendor: RaceSense
Product Type: Vehicle
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Subtotal: $289.00
Precision pressure and temperature measuring with automatic logging and smartphone connectivity. The RaceSense Pocket saves your data and syncs to your phone so you always have your tire data to hand. As the name suggests it fits neatly into your pocket too!

  • Most tire gauges are only accurate to 1-2 psi, doesn't your car deserve better?
  • Tires with the correct pressure improve vehicle steering, handling and grip.
  • Accurate to+/- 0.1 psi
  • Optional tire pyrometer for temperatures
  • Rugged metal case, rubber grip
  • Fast Multi-Tire mode
  • Sync to phones so you never lose data
  • Senses location and weather
  • Offset mode for secret readings
  • Compare hot and cold runs

  • Racesense Pocket Tire Gauge
  • Hard Carry Case

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