ReadyAction Suction Cup Mount with GoPro Mount

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Get a READYACTION Suction Cup Mount and get the most from your Smartphone (with READYACTION Sport) and Camera. READY...smartphone/camera...ACTION!

  • Perfect in the car for accessing GPS maps, music, and data on your smartphone, when attached to Readyaction Sport (universal smartphone holder sold separately)
    Awesome for timing, scoring and filming apps on road and track as smartphone is safely locked into position.
  • Awesome for both road and track filming! If you are wondering how steady your smartphone can film at really high speeds? -check our awesome race track videos compliments of David Donohue in Mclaren 650s and Porsche 918 Spyder at Laguna Seca and more- all filmed with David's iphone 5 (click on videos above, and scroll down)
  • Filming with this mount it is so stable and crisp at high speed you will think it was filmed by a Go Pro like camera! -please make note when placing order race version is desired, same price.
  • What makes Readyaction different? Due to our unique and hopefully soon to be patented design, we offer what no one else on the market can offer 1. Two 2" brass screws provide a secure clamp like locking mechanism so that when your smartphone is safely mounted into position, you will know your smartphone will not come out of our holder at just about any speed. 2.Our locking pivot hinge swings 180' and rotates 360' for perfect angle filming and screen viewing 2.Your smartphone is cushioned on all 4 sides by our trapezoid angled rubber inserts eliminating potential for slip. 3. Your smartphone is then encased in our ABS plastic Sport holder (virtually unbreakable). Now you can go out and have fun with your smartphone!
  • Mount has double locking mechanism for increased and lasting suction
  • Mount includes suction cup mount and pivot/ locking hinge
  • Include GoPro Mount
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