Sabelt Porsche Passenger 4pt Harness

Brand: Sabelt
Product Type: Vehicle
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Elevate the safety of your ride effortlessly with our Porsche-specific 4-point racing harnesses from Sabelt. Trusted for their safety and security features, these harnesses offer a swift and hassle-free way to enhance the safety measures in your Porsche. The harness boasts easy adjustability through distinctive bright yellow tabs, simplifying the process of securing and releasing your harness for ultimate convenience. The shoulders are 2″ in width the entire length and end in wrap around fixings. The lap belts are also 2″ the entire length, and end with sewn “P” type steel fixing plates.

Non Homologated

  • Full 2″ webbing
  • Formula B3 buckle
  • Easy adjustment with yellow pull-down straps
  • Superlight quick release adjusters

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