Sabelt X-Pad Rallycross Racing Seat

Brand: Sabelt
Product Type: Vehicle
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FIA 8855-1999

The Sabelt X-Pad Rallycross fiberglass seat has been designed for off road racing where the seat is exposed to the elements. Instead of a normal seat fabric, this seat has waterproof padding which is very soft, comfortable and very easy to keep clean. The head protection part of the seat is super narrow and the side bolsters are high which will provide protection and will provide excellent lateral support.

The seat has a special air ducting system cushions that create channels for added air movement which helps in keeping the driver cool. The harness slots in the side of the seat are of a larger size and the base of the seat has been designed to help with anti-submarining. The seat has 5 harness slots which allows for the use of 3, 4, 5 and 6 point harnesses. The seat is side mounted and is compatible with all types of FHR devices.
  • Wrap around shoulders with anti slip fabric reduces upper body movement
  • Superb air circulation to help keep you cooler
  • Head protection system to reduce the risk of injury
  • Deep side bolsters prevent you moving in the seat under cornering
  • Waterproof and completely washable

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