Schroth SFI 16.5 Hybrid III Harness

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The pinnacle of Harness technology available today. Features the Hybrid Style sub straps giving a direct transfer of force from the sup straps to cam lock. This keeps the lap belt low in an impact which keeps you where you need to be - in the seat.

Available with no in-line lap adjuster in the 40094 model, which features standard 3" shoulder belts for those drivers not using a HANS device. The 40095 model adds the HANS Specific 2" shoulder belts to the mix, giving an optimized performance with the HANS device.

For the ultimate in harness technology, you'll be interested in the Double Shoulder Belt models. Choose between 40094Y with no inline lap adjuster and 41094Y with a Pull-up adjuster on the inboard lap belt.

The double shoulder belt gives the driver the security of a 3" shoulder belt against their chest but gives the optimized performance of the 2" HANS belts on top of the 3" belts. The HANS device fits between the two and the result is amazing. Testing and real-world experience show that this setup yields supreme comfort and unparalleled safety.

Lap and Sub strap points bolt in, shoulders wrap. For end fitting options, please call.

Note: This harness can be converted to 7-point (or 9-point if used with Double Shoulders) By adding a Single Anti Sub strap.

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