Schuberth SP1 Helmet Speaker Kits

Brand: Schuberth
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Product Type: Driver
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Integrated Speaker Kits elevate your communication experience to the next level by seamlessly incorporating high end audio components without compromising comfort. Speaker Kits feature helmet speakers built directly into the Noise Reduction Earcups*, and include either an Integrated Chin Pad or Boom Style noise canceling microphone. Dual Electronic Kits also include an earbud connector, for use in conjunction with Earcup Speakers. Drivers that purchase a Speaker Kit will receive built-in electronics instead of the standard Noise Reduction Earcups and soft Comfort Cushions.


Earcups with Boom Style mic and IMSA connection

  • SH HKRCB right side connection
  • SH HKLCB left side connection

    Earcups and earbuds with Boom Style mic and IMSA connection

  • SH HKRCD right side connection
  • SH HKLCD left side connection

    Earcups with Integrated Chin Pad mic and IMSA connection

  • SH HKRCI right side connection
  • SH HKLCI left side connection

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