Sparco Compression RW-10 Sock

Brand: Sparco
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Product Type: Racing Underwear
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The Sparco RW-10 line of Nomex® undergarments is the lightest and most breathable on the market that is homologated to the new FIA 8856-2018 standard. When designing this new line of undergarments, Sparco studied the drivers seating position to ensure ultimate fit and comfort. The RW-10 features a fully seamless structure with ultra-soft stretchable material for a very comfortable fit. RW-10 shirts and underpants are treated with Sparco’s X-Cool treatment, which draws heat from the body surface to cool the driver. In addition to cooling the driver, X-Cool treatment has an anti-bacterial effect. 
The RW-10 Compression sock is the only FIA approved compression sock on the market. It features a unique helical structure that provides a gradual Class 1 compression force. This graduate compression force uses the same principles used in action sports. The RW-10 sock exerts maximum pressure at the ankle and then decreases going upwards towards the calf, to facilitate the upward return of blood circulation. This compression force is proven to minimize muscle fatigue to improve driver comfort and focus. Available in black or whitearger than you normally wear. Available in black or white
To improve driver focus and comfort. Proven effective in sports use. Benefits include reduced muscle fatigue, increased in oxygen delivery, decreased lactic acid and prevents cramping.
  • Newest FIA rating - FIA 8856-2018
  • Seamless stretchable Nomex in key areas for mobility
  • Designed for comfort in a driving position
  • Minimal external seams increase driver comfort

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