Stilo ST5 ABP Visor Mirror - Dark

Brand: Stilo
Product Type: Helmet Accessories
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Introducing the Stilo ST5 ABP Helmet Shield - the pinnacle of protection and performance in motorsport headgear. Crafted specifically for Stilo's ABP helmets, these shields boast a shorter design compared to our standard ST5 Shield, ensuring optimal fit and functionality.

Available in a spectrum of colors, including a unique "double glazed" option without anti-fog coating, our ST5 visors redefine clarity and visibility on the track. What sets them apart is the internal anti-fog treatment, setting a new standard unmatched by any other visor on the market.

Equipped with tearoff posts, these visors are primed to accommodate a variety of tear-offs, offering unrivaled versatility for every race condition. But what truly sets the ABP Racing helmet apart is its Advanced Ballistic Protection technology. This groundbreaking feature eliminates the need for a Zylon strip and elevates impact resistance to military-grade standards. Imagine a helmet that repels projectiles traveling at 250 km/h - that's the level of protection our ABP helmets provide, especially crucial for safeguarding the forehead area from airborne debris.

It's no wonder that top-tier formula championships such as F1, F2, Formula E, and W-Series mandate the use of ABP-rated helmets. With ABP becoming the gold standard for safety, our helmets ensure you meet the strictest safety requirements while pushing the boundaries of performance.

Please note, to experience the full benefits of ABP technology, our helmets require a specially designed visor. The tearoff-ready 3mm visor is tailored to the unique dimensions of our ABP models, guaranteeing a seamless fit and uncompromised protection.

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