Stilo Top Air Kit

Brand: Stilo
SKU: SKU-1845-01
Product Type: Helmet Accessories
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This unique cooling system feeds air from your cars fresh air system to both the top of the head and to the front of the face while at the same time helping to keep the inside of the visor clear. The system works with the existing design of the helmet and does not require any drilling of the shell or modifications to the EPS.

There are four small holes molded into the top of every ST4 helmet. The Top Air system fits over the forward two holes and extends down the front of the helmet and just under the top of the visor. Air fed into the rear feed of the Top Air is directed both to the top of the head and down over the face. A small deflector just inside the visor area directs air towards the visor and away from the eyes. Old air flows out of the rear holes on the top of the helmet and from the bottom of the helmet significantly reducing the likelihood of CO2 buildup in the helmet.

Top Air System can be fitted to all ST4 Formula and Wide GT model helmets. Thanks to the special adhesive used it can be removed and repositioned without damaging the helmet finish or most paint jobs simply by replacing the adhesive.

Available in two styles - one with a slider adjuster that controls airflow, one without.

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