Stilo Venti WRC 8860 Rally Helmet (FIA8860)

Brand: Stilo
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Product Type: Racing Helmets
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The Stilo Venti WRC is the update of the legendary WRC helmet as worn by multiple rally champions. This helmet features many improvements most notably the innovative wireless (WL) communication system.

The Venti WRC rally helmet retains the market-leading Stilo WRC helmet electronics system but the comms port has been re-designed for use with the WL wireless key (sold separately) which, when fitted fits perfectly with the contours of the shell shape so it does not interfere with FHR posts or straps. The microphone boom shape has been improved to further deflect cabin noise, improving the communication clarity between co-driver and driver. The magnetic dynamic, noise-canceling microphone is adjustable to allow for optimum spacing from the mouth to reduce external noise. Noise attenuating ear muffs surround the speakers to hugely reduce external noise and improve the levels of comfort. The helmet's electronics are also compatible with traditional Stilo wired amplifiers or the new wireless amplifiers.

The Stilo Venti WRC Rally 8860 is a Carbon Helmet is constructed using PURO technology which removes the need for a clear coat to be applied which further reduces the overall weight.

  • Designed to be used with the new wireless (WL) communication system or regular wired amps.
  • Shell is Carbon molded in an autoclave using PURO technology.
  • The only Jet helmet on the market, fitted both with earmuffs and EPS cheek pads. The EPS cheek pads assure the competitor's best safety in lateral crashes.
  • Fitted with an easily adjustable microphone holder (5, 10, or 15 mm closer to the mouth).
  • Adjustable Peak can be raised/lowered to give clear optimal visibility with low sun.
  • High optical quality flip-up visor with safety lock in open mode is available as an optional extra (please see YA0230).
  • Supplied with Factory fitted HANS Post anchors as standard
  • FIA 8860-2018

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