Stilo Offshore Waterproof Intercom

Brand: Stilo
SKU: DB0200
Product Type: Racing Communications
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Introducing the STILO OFF SHORE INTERCOM SYSTEM, the pinnacle of team communication solutions for boating enthusiasts. Designed specifically for offshore use, this cutting-edge system ensures seamless and crystal-clear communication among crew members, enhancing safety and coordination on the water.

Connect up four helmets via hardwire and integrate with your boat's VHF radio system for expanded communication capabilities.

Key features include robust communication for teams of any size, seamless integration with VHF radios, and exceptional audio clarity even in noisy marine environments. With convenient push-to-talk buttons and durable, water-resistant construction, this system is easy to install and user-friendly for all members of your crew, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

The STILO OFF SHORE INTERCOM SYSTEM is the ultimate companion for boating teams, offering unmatched connectivity, safety, and convenience. Stay connected, stay safe, and elevate your boating experience with STILO.

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