Trac-Com Instructor Helmet Kit V2

Vendor: Trac-Com
Product Type: Driver
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Helmet Speaker Kits are designed for drivers looking to add integrated speakers and microphone to their helmet. Designed in house to be a universal solution, the Helmet Kit V2 is compatible with most motorsport helmets, regardless the size and shape. The Instructor Helmet Kit includes the V2 Helmet Kit and a IMSA to Trac-Com adapter cable.

What makes the V2 kit different? Our new V2 helmet kit takes the lessons we learned from the V2 Student headset and applies them in meticulous fashion in all areas to bring you the loudest, most complete, and uncompromising universal helmet kit we could think of. This kit features our brand new R7 Digital Mic and powerfully tuned speakers all built into a compact package that will easily install to almost any helmet in only a few minutes.


  • Two powerfully tuned speakers
  • New R7 Digital Microphone
  • Male IMSA plug
  • RaceCom cables are very strong and have been pull tested by a certified lab - our meticulous build process has been proven to outlast and outperform all others in the business


  • Helmet Speaker Kit V2
  • Female IMSA to Trac-Com adapter cable

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