WCMS Evo One Sim

Brand: WCMS
SKU: SKU-3084
Product Type: SIM Racing
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This is the WCMS EVO ONE. Our flagship sim setup. With this rig, you will get a step further in immersion and realism. With top-of-the-line peripherals and setup. You might ask yourself what Does this have the others don’t?

Top-of-the-line Direct Drive Wheelbase paired with an actual steering wheel that will help with the feel in the hand. A direct drive Submits feedback to your hands at a much faster rate than a traditional belt drive wheelbase. Which in turn gives you the driver more control over the car’s movement. More control equals more consistency.

A real pedal box! This 3 pedal kit is a top-of-the-line Load cell kit that utilizes a real Tilton pedal set. Designed for the most control and consistency out there. The gas pedal is given resistance by a heavy-duty spring setup. The brake is a load cell and allows for an almost infinite adjustment and tuning to get the perfect brake feel. The clutch on this is a double strut design that allows for tuning in a bite point to allow for a more realistic feel.

Extra peripherals include 4 transducers to mimic the suspension on each corner and a wind kit to simulate the speed and feel of being in the car at speed. All adding to the deep immersion that this Sim has to offer.

Why the EVO ONE?
  • Top of the line Direct Drive Wheelbase
  • Real Steering wheel with magnetic shifters.
  • Tilton load cell 3 pedal kit.
  • 49” curved Samsung g9 monitor capable of 4k resolution
  • i7 powered Gaming PC w/ 3k series graphics card capable of VR and Triple screen
  • Shake-kit and Wind-kit
  • High-end sim chassis with no flex
  • Keyboard and mouse tray
  • With a full containment seat
  • Best of all it comes Preconfigured and tuned for PLUG AND PLAY! Save yourself the time and let us take care of the rest.

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