Zamp ZR-90 Gloss Carbon Helmet (FIA8860)

Brand: Zamp
SKU: H88603CB3XS
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Zamp proudly presents the innovative ZR-90 Helmet from the Made in Italy series. It meets advanced safety standards such as FIA 8860-2018 and Snell SA2020, and boasts a lightweight yet durable shell. The helmet also features a Z-24 Clear Anti-Fog Shield and an aerodynamic design. You can choose your preferred airflow with the Top Air Inlet, which can run on Natural Air, Forced Air, or Air Plugs. The plush interior is not only comfortable but also fire retardant. The Z-24 Shield is compatible with a variety of options, including Amber, Blue Prism, Clear, Dark Smoke, Green Prism, Gold Prism, Light Smoke, and Photochromatic Antifog Shields. It also comes with M6 Inserts for Head & Neck Restraints. Crafted in Italy to meet FIA 8860-2018 and Snell SA2020 standards.

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